Nunavut Development Corporation

The Nunavut Development Corporation makes equity investments in target Nunavut economic sectors. These help create income earning opportunities, employment, and local business growth with an emphasis on investing in Nunavut’s smaller communities.

Although not exclusive, NDC prioritizes investments in key sectors of our economy including the fishery, tourism, and cultural industry sectors where many essay writers Nunavummiut derive income. NDC has investments in numerous Nunavut corporations ranging from wholly-owned subsidiaries to minority investments with other joint venture partners.

For more information on NDC’s Investment program, please click on the “Investment” tab above or contact us per the information below.

NDC Financing

An NDC equity investment can be a powerful tool to support the working capital position of a business enterprise.

NDC equity financing can be used to help lever other forms of investment capital for Nunavut business enterprises. This can assist with new business start-ups, or can help businesses to grow or expand.


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