Rankin Inlet, NU

Nunavut made arts & crafts.

Opened in 1992 as a retail and production facility for traditional and Northern-themed arts and crafts in Rankin Inlet, Ivalu offers a huge selection of art, craft and Nunavut-themed goods from across Nunavut and Northern Canada. Rankin Inlet, located on the west side of Hudson Bay, is home to more than 2500 Inuit and is the hub of the Kivalliq Region. Our store is located in close proximity to Kivalliq Arctic Foods and the Royal Bank Building in downtown Rankin Inlet

Along with sculpture, we carry many high quality items such as jewellery, sewn goods, sealskin items, dolls, prints, Inuit music, and books. In addition, we carry food items such as northern teas, akpik jam, arctic char, caribou and muskox.

Ivalu is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily Monday through Friday, and open by special appointment during off-hours. Many products can be ordered online as well. Ivalu also welcomes wholesaling opportunities with Nunavut and Northern retailers. We look forward to seeing you at Ivalu.

Email: ivalu@qiniq.com
Tel: 867-645-3400 / Fax: 867-645-2115
Web: www.ivalu.ca

Box 599
Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
X0C 0G0