Kivalliq Arctic Foods

Rankin Inlet, NU

Producing quality meat and fish products.

Known across the North, this processing facility produces a wide range of quality meat and fish products. Arctic char, caribou and muskox are supplied to the plant by harvesters and fishers from across Nunavut. Kivalliq Arctic Foods provides jobs for 7-12 local meat cutters and processors.

Char is available in a variety of products from whole frozen to fillets, char cubes, and pipsi (traditional dried char) to cold-smoked char (similar to lox) and hot-smoked char (an exquisite appetizer).

When in season, caribou is available to Nunavummiut in retail cuts and as traditional mikku (traditional dried caribou). When in season, muskox is available to Nunavummiut, in a variety of cuts. Traditional maktaaq, whale skin, is also occasionally available.

Kivalliq Arctic Foods is also offers the “Country Food Pak” to Nunavummiut across the territory. This includes a variety of country food items (char, caribou, muskox, maktaaq) as available.

Kivalliq Arctic Foods will ship Country Food Paks direct to customers in any Nunavut community. Individual portions of most products are available through partner retailers in Nunavut including Ivalu in Rankin Inlet. Plant tours are available by special appointment.

867-645-3137 / Fax: 867-645-3467

PO Box 329
Rankin Inlet, NU X0C 0G0